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    Enveloping Glass

    • Product Name: Sealing Glass and its Products

    Product overview

    We have developed series of sealing glass with different melting points. They can be used between 440℃to 980℃for glass-to-melt sealing, glass-to-ceramic sealing, silicon materials sealing and glass-to-glass sealing. Glass-sealed plug is one of the products made up of metallic shell and metallic pins bonded by a kind of special sealing glass melted at a high temperature. It has excellent performances of high temperature tolerance, high-pressure tolerance, high electronic resistance and good sealing property. It is applied to the satellite rocket separation, the unlock system of the solar panels when satellite launching and the ignition system of missile or spaceship.

    Main Properties and Performance
    Type Sealing Temperature(℃) Expansion Coefficient(×10-7/℃) Transition Temperature, Tg(℃)η=1013poise Deformation Temperature, Tf(℃)η=1011poise
    SB-13 440±5 105±3 335 360
    SB117 450±5 95±3 360 390
    SB56 480±5 94±3 330 360
    SB12 470±5 97±3 375 380
    SB49 550±5 98±3 355 385
    SB301 840±5 98±3 525 542
    SB-4-10 840±5 98±3 475 540
    SB331 980±5 80±3 585 686