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    Development History

    1960, Based on the Center Laboratory of Beijing Glass Factory, Beijing Glass Research Institution (BGRI) established.
    1966, First developed the conductive optical fiber successfully in China.
    1978 to 1995, Finished over 200 research projects in total. More than 140 science and technology prizes have been awarded.
    2000, Beijing Glass Research Station restructured from public service unit to government running enterprise.
    2001 to 2006, Synthetic Crystal and Devices, Optical Fibers and Devices, Special Glass, Special Ceramic Coating Materials, Optical Films and Devices and Temperature Components have become five leading develop directions.
    2007, “ISO9000 Quality System” is certificated.
    2008, Moved to OPTO-Mechatronic Industrial Park in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park ·Tongzhou District.

    2009, Launched the R&D Base of Optoelectronic Functional Materials and Devices.

    2010, The 50th anniversary celebration of Beijing Glass Research Institution. We persist in science innovation and sustainable development of the enterprise.
    2012, Reorganized the advantageous resources and established the Beijing Scitlion Technology Co., LTD.

    Nowadays, Devotes to industrialization, marketing and sales on BGRI’s scientific achievements such as Fluoride Crystals, Silica Fiber Optics, Optical Design and Services, and etc.