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    Company Profile

    Chinese Supplier of Crystals, Optics, Fibers and Specialty Glass

    Scitlion was established in the beginning of 2013, but it has more than 50 years history based on BGRI, Beijing Glass Research Institute, which was founded in 1960. We are specialized in manufacturing and developing Optical crystals, Optics, Optical fibers and devices, as well as Specialty glass materials, with comprehensive production system and management system which has granted ISO 9001:2000 certifications.
    Our products are mainly exported to USA, Europe as well as Japan including the leading corporations in the Photonics Industry. Our customers are satisfied with our products quality and service, meanwhile thanks so much for their great supports in the past years. We are engaging to consecutively offer the good products and service to our esteemed customers in the world. For now our products involved the following items:
    Optical Crystals: BaF2 , CaF2 , MgF2 and LiF
    Scintillation Crystals: BaF2 , CeF3 , PbWO4 , Eu:CaF2 , LBC, Ce :LaCl3, BGO, NaI:Tl, CsI:Tl
    Laser Crystals: Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Nd:YVO4 , Nd:GdVO4 , Er:YAG, Er:YLF, Cr:YAG, Yb:YAG, Ti:Sapphire, Nd:YVO4 + KTP
     AO & EO Crystals: LiNbO3 , LiTaO3
     Nonlinear Crystals: KTA, KTP, KDP & KD*P, BBO, LBO, LiNbO3
     Birefringent Crystals: YVO4 , LiNbO3 , Calsite
     Magneto-Optic Crystals: TGG
    ?     Optics Products
    Optical Filters
    Optical Lenses
    Optical Prisms
    Optical Windows
    Optical Mirrors
    Optical Waveplates
    Polarizers & Beamsplitters
    ?      Fiber Products
    Series Material Fibers
    Series Wavelength Fibers
    Series Mode Fibers
    Specialty Fibers
    Fiber Assemblies
    Fiber Lasers
    Fiber Amplifiers
    ?      Specialty Glass
    Scum Glass
    Enveloping Glass
    Glass Protective Lubricant
    High Temperature Coating Material
    For more about our company and our products, please contact us or visit our web site at www.onlymansour.com; for inquires, please call us at +86-10-81508382/8393/8344 or sending emails at sales@scitlion.com